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The Historic Gold Mountain Manor, Established 1928

Mountain Wedding Seasons in Big Bear

Gold Mountain Manor is the ideal venue for your wedding any time of the year. When it comes to weddings, personalization is our passion. Choose between an outdoor mountain garden setting or an intimate, indoor candlelit ceremony and reception. Each season sets a unique, magical backdrop for your dream wedding.

Bride and groom kissing with their hands behind their backs


May and June

Gold Mountain Manor Springtime weddings are a delight to your senses bringing the fragrance of mountain blooms, vibrant hues, the songs of the birds, and the experience of dancing barefoot on the manor’s luxurious lawn. You may hear the sounds of baby birds in their nests and see the frolic of squirrels, chipmunks, and the fluttering of butterflies.

Spring creates a pastel landscape of flowering white cherry, vibrant red apple, and pink plum trees while dozens of fragrant purple lilacs drape the acre of lush grounds and stone pathways adding brilliant color and fragrance to your special day.

The red roses are peaking all around, woven along the wood fence to give a romantic feel. All of which is surrounded by Ponderosa and Vanilla-scented Jeffrey Pines as red tulips and yellow daffodils playfully dance in the wind.

Cool crisp mornings melt into comfortably, warm sunny afternoons which are perfect for an afternoon garden wedding. Evening transforms the magical garden into a haven of illumination with hundreds of twinkle lights, hanging candles, and string lights guiding your way to dance the night away under the starlit sky. You will wish this special night would last forever!

Wedding guests celebrating around bride and groom kissing


July and August

Summertime at the manor is perfect for couples seeking a lush garden mountain wedding on a warm, sunny day. This time of year, the garden flourishes with bold red, yellow, and orange roses, accented with dinner-plate-sized Dahlias and a profusion of brilliant Stargazer and Asiatic lilies. Lose yourself in a rainbow of colored Hollyhocks and purple and white Foxgloves!

Capture the romantic embrace of whispering pines and a late evening sunset as the summer fragrances devour your senses with an abundance of seasonal and perennial flowers. As the brilliant blue sky day fades into a canvas of pinks and lavenders, the moon rises and a cascade of stars slowly appear like jewels in the sky.

As you swirl around on the dance floor and glance into your new spouse’s eyes, you can’t help but get lost in the canopy of stars above. It truly is a midsummer night's dream!

Bride and groom smiling at each other under a decorated archway during ceremony


September and October

Autumn weddings at the manor are a visual delight, embellished with green grass and the changing of the maples, aspens, and poplars producing a spectacular bejeweled backdrop of hues. The blazing red and orange maples, shimmering gold aspens, and all spectrums of yellow on the poplars are vibrant.

Fragrant Red Roses surround the property while the rainbow of tall Hollyhocks frames the mountain garden setting. The Jeffrey Pines exude a warm aroma of Vanilla and Butterscotch and drop plenty of pine cones for you to gather for an accent to your table setting.
The days are warm and the nights are crisp. Oftentimes golden leaves are blowing in the wind, spiraling to the ground covering the green lawns. It’s so romantic and makes for great photography!

The skies are usually a brilliant cobalt blue during the day and as your wedding turns from day into night, the skies are studded with stars and the grounds are illuminated with hanging candles and accented with hundreds of twinkle lights.

If you are fortunate enough to have your wedding during the Harvest Moon in September or the Hunter’s Moon in October, you will be treated to a spectacular full moon, rising right after the sunsets.

Bride and groom kissing in snowy weather


November, December, January, February, March and April

Winter weddings at the manor are for the adventurous and romantic couple. If you are brave enough to bear the cold mountain temperatures, you may be lucky enough to be married in freshly fallen snow, which sparkles like jewels all around you.

You may choose a garden ceremony only or retreat to the warmth of the manor for an intimate reception for 30 people inside our charmingly, elegant lodge.

If you prefer a cozy, more intimate setting, you may choose to be married in front of our beautiful, grand red quartz rock fireplace adorned with flowers, candles, and other natural mountain décor, creating a stunning, romantic ambiance. As you make your entrance by way of the vintage, log staircase, you will feel like you have just stepped into a page from your favorite fairytale.

The Historic Gold Mountain Manor, Established 1928

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